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To provide software solutions that are highly usable, productive and efficient, which allow companies to improve communication with their customers, track support requests and support team activities, and work together to resolve all intervention requests remotely. All configurable. All in the Cloud.




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Livecare Contact

Integrated Contact Centre Software

Livecare Contact is a multi-channel platform for exceptional Contact Centre services, allowing users to manage customers and collect information on the quality of the service provided based on specific basic indicators.


Ticket-based support software

Deskoala is the multi-channel software solution that allows the support team to manage and log the tickets received, and use a dedicated dashboard to browse the data required to track the KPIs obtained.

Livecare Support

Remote customer support software

Livecare Support is the software solution that enables users to provide remote software support using PCs and mobile terminals, and record the time spent providing support in order to bill customers.


Remote video support software

Acty is the software solution that uses a smartphone or smartglasses to allow an expert in the office to view a problem remotely through the eyes of an on-site technician, and guide them to resolve it.

Create your internal customer support service, by activating a dedicated telephone number to coordinate receiving calls, forward calls according to your routing model, and automatically view all information about the customer as you are connected.

Livecare Contact is a platform that manages your internal Contact Centre, coordinating the process to allow you to track all activities carried out by your team of operators and obtain KPIs to monitor the improvement of the support service: Main functions:

  • Management of call receipt and queues
  • Skill routing system
  • Bar with customer data and pop-up functions
  • Integration with company CRM systems
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Organise and simplify your support service, and be up and running immediately with a bespoke system that gives you everything you need to improve the quality of your customer relations and ensure that they are satisfied with the support that you offer.

Deskoala manages multi-channel support requests, archives customers' general details and support activities, tracks the time spent resolving tickets and offers KPIs, reports and statistics to analyse the performance of the support team. Main functions:

  • Multi-channel contact
  • Ticket and support activity management
  • Contract and SLA management
  • Company asset
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Choose to bill for remote software support; thanks to its functions that allow you to import customers' general details, associate these with contacts and track support session times, Livecare Support is the most comprehensive solution for remote support service billing.

Use a simple and reliable Italian multi-platform service to provide remote support from PCs and mobiles, check the status of servers, manage alarms and calculate the time spent on tasks using up-to-date software. Main functions:

  • Remote support with customers and Internet Agents
  • Operator functionality from PCs and mobiles
  • Alarm management for Internet Agents
  • Calculate time and bill for the service
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Pass on your company's knowledge without leaving the office. By watching the video in real-time, your experts can find out immediately what's happening in that moment, and can guide customers and colleagues to resolve the problem from the office. Wherever they are.

There's a simpler, more effective way to manage support services; Acty allows you to work from wherever you are and find out what's happening immediately, resolving problems remotely and eliminating travel and transfer costs. Main functions:

  • Take photos and record videos
  • Share documents
  • Company messaging
  • Real-world drawing
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Founded in 1996, Icona is a private enterprise where passion, professionalism and ethics are fundamental, and where the shareholders are actively involved in the company's technological and business development.

It offers support to companies in all sectors, thanks to its ability to provide software solutions to improve customer support processes. Our constant research and development, essential to maintaining the level of excellence achieved throughout our years in business, enables us to provide our customers with innovative solutions that meet the requirements of a market that is constantly evolving.

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